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Welcome to Newyear Kuries Private Ltd.
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Our New Chit "NRI Sureksha Plus", Started on April 2012. Prize Amount 50,00,000/- Total Instalment 192. Instalment Amount Rs. 30,000/- First Instalment Rs.15,000/-
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Managing Director’s Message
I sincerely express my debt of gratitude towards all our godlike patrons for embracing New Year Kuries so much to your heart. You need not settle down for something else since the global leader in financial solutions is right here. Take time, invest wisely and just start leading a happy-go-lucky life from here on!
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Proposed Corporate Office
Moosakutty Shopping Complex
Opp. South Indian Bank,
Kechery, Kunnamkulam Road
Thrissur - 680 501.
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